Refrigerator Reflections

January.  A new month.  A new year. 

Time for resolutions.  Time for change. 

We set resolutions and goals as we begin a new year, but are we really committed to seeing them through and making lifestyle changes?  I recently read a book called, Sink Reflections, by Marla Cilley.  The book teaches how to FLY:  Finally Love Yourself.  Don’t stop reading because you think that sounds corny!  This book tells you how to organize your life so that you are able to make time for yourself and your family.  Who doesn’t want that?  It all begins with cleaning your kitchen sink.  Yes, that’s all.  Every day you need to make sure your sink is clean, no more dirty dishes waiting to be put into the dishwasher or washed and put away.  According to Cilley’s theory, once you have mastered the clean sink, you can move onto other areas, such as de-cluttering your home, having a weekly plan for meals, cleaning and making lists to see what you have left to do and what you have accomplished.

So, I decided to tackle my refrigerator.  I struggle keeping it organized.  While I may have healthy foods on hand, they are never ready to eat.  If someone opened our fridge, they would have to cut up the red pepper or pineapple before being able to eat it.  So, last week, I bought clear glass containers and began my journey towards organization and thus, life balance.  I started to do what I should have done long ago.  Each time I return from the grocery store, I plan to cut up the fruits and vegetables, so anyone in my family can grab those as snacks rather than something with no nutritional value.  The first time I did this, my daughter ate so much pineapple while I was cutting it up, there was barely any left to put away! 

It was so simple to clean my refrigerator—took  me less than 30 minutes, and has already proven worth the effort.  It’s not just about a clean refrigerator,  it’s about eating healthier as a family.  I hope this goal of an organized and clean refrigerator that is full of healthy, ready-to-eat snacks stays with us and becomes an easy lifestyle change.



4 comments on “Refrigerator Reflections

  1. Lisa Bell on

    I love the FlyLady!!! I have followed her advice for years….fallen off from time to time but even then, my sink is clean and as she always says…you can do anything for 5 minutes! Love this reminder Kristen!

  2. Tiffany Grosspietsch on

    So true! Getting kids involved in the prep work is great too. Every time I walk in the door from Costco carrying loads of fruits & veggies, all 3 kids know it’s time to help out! 🙂

  3. Rebecca Charles on

    YES! It’s totally true that a clean sink is a great starting point and I love all of the suggestions about the cut up fruits/veggies in the fridge. “fast food” can definitely be healthy food.

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