Recipe Overload

What to make for dinner…the question that I used to dread nightly! I really enjoy cooking, but often felt overwhelmed with where to go to search for new, healthy and tasty recipes.  I used to spend a lot of time searching various sites for recipes that suited my family’s needs.  One of my favorite places to look now is Cooking Light magazine.  Since I often can’t wait for my next issue to arrive, I regularly visit the Cooking Light website:  Not only are there hundreds of easy to search recipes, but there are beautiful, enticing photos to go along with them.  If a recipe doesn’t have a picture, I am much more likely to skip to one with a photo—kind of like how I look at Facebook—I like to know what the pièce de résistance might look like before I decide whether or not to make it!

One of the best components of this site is the Quick & Easy Weeknight Meal Planner page.  In minutes, you can drag and drop a picture of a dinner to each day of the week.  Click Print and you will easily be able to print a week’s worth of recipes.  Each recipe is printed with a photo of the meal, directions and nutritional information.

Depending upon how much time you want to spend on, there is a Nutrition & News section, which I found eye-opening.  There is everything from Nutrition Videos to Healthy Food Tips to Smart Shopping Tips.  You can find practical articles like, The Best Foods for All-Day Energy.  The articles don’t simply list the foods either—they provide recipes relevant to the article, which in this case, consisted of energy-packed whole foods.


You will also find Recipe Makeovers.  Tired of the same old boring, calorie-packed scones?  How about scones with fruity, whole-grain goodness with 60% less fat than regular scones!  This is my new favorite recipe: Cream Scones.  Try the Cherry Almond Ricotta Drop Scones recipe.  For an extra benefit, choose Montmorency Dried Tart Cherries (I found these in the produce section at Metcalfe’s Market).  So save yourself some time, and plan for the week on this site.  You won’t be disappointed, and I’ll taste-test your scones (or any recipe for that matter) if you need feedback!


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