From swim coach to successful fitness entrepreneur, I built a business on my passions: coaching people and movement. As a former US National Team Swimmer and Collegiate Swimming Coach, I worked with the best athletes and coaches in the world, and I paid attention to what worked and what didn’t. I trained to compete at the highest level, and success was based on a number. Thus, I began my coaching career focusing heavily on the same performance-based results. I left the hardcore world of competitive athletics to open a niche TRX-based boot camp business where I could pursue my passions in health and fitness and remain true to my ‘Coach the Person’ philosophy. I use this philosophy to work with a diverse demographic, ranging from youth to firefighters to fitness entrepreneurs. I am a Master Trainer for TRX Training, and am fortunate to travel throughout the country delivering fitness education and coaching techniques. My role in the fitness industry still drives top-notch results, but the path I take is stress-free and simple: I dive deep to connect with people rather than a number from a scale, reps, or a paycheck. When you are understood, you grow and move at the highest level—in fitness, business, and life. We all want results. It’s how you get there that matters.