HardCORE Community Members of the Year

HardCORE Community Members of the Year
The HardCORE Community Members of the Year are chosen by feedback from the Woodall Training Community and the team of coaches. They are individuals that lead by example and inspire us to be better and give more. Some motivate those around them and encourage others to participate in events and activities while others are silent inspirations and have worked hard to overcome difficult obstacles.

Greg Patmythes incited the HardCORE Community Member of the Year honor because of his passion and perseverance.  He jumped at the opportunity to participate in the 2011 Tough Mudder and completed it.  With all that he does, one would never know that he has cystic fibrosis and 50% lung capacity.  With each obstacle he faces, Greg puts a smile on his face and simply asks when the next challenge is.

Lori Wilson exudes positive energy and determination in every way possible. After over 70 lbs of weight loss and a tough battle with pneumonia (which produced some lingering effects on her lungs, joints, and muscles), Lori came out fighting and working harder than ever. She inspires, encourages, and is a welcome source of much needed comic relief with her witty trucker mouth.

Tom Hauge overcame difficult health obstacles and never imagined he’d find himself exercising, much less in a boot camp. His posture, strength, and energy levels are so strikingly different that you wouldn’t even recognize him from when he took TRX Launch! He has a strong will to change and persevere. Much thanks goes to Tom’s wife, Mary Jon, for dragging Tom to his very first boot camp – which was created for Tom. Because of that, Tom unknowing opened the TRX door for many others.

Shaun Ernst always has a ‘can do’ attitude. He is full of whit and is the first one to lend a hand. With a weight loss of over 50 lbs, he is inspiring and motivating. He is a committed and dedicated athlete, however, he goes above and beyond with the community and rallies those around him and his family to join together as a team.

April Dichraff worked hard to kick old habits and create new ones. Determined, consistent and competitive with herself, she made huge strength gains, weight loss and worked her way from the back of class to the front. She went from fast food to clean eating, from the occasionally working out to bring fully committed. April is the whole package.

John and Pam Stampen are a perfect balance, not only to the community but also to each other, ying and yang. It is impossible to pick one over the other. Pam is fiercely competitive; John is an amazing athlete but a self-dubbed BOP (back of packer). Nervous to participate in our first Tough Mudder (apparently multiple Iron Man completions doesn’t prepare you?) they came to Tough Mudder, followed the team along the course, cheered and documented with amazing photos. Whether they are in the race or on the sidelines, they are there and they embody the spirit of our community.

Tiffany Grosspietsch looks forward to hard work and brings it every class. You can tell how much it means to her to be in great shape and stay in great shape. She encourages others to push harder, and inspires everyone with her endless energy and drive. She has been instrumental in planning major outings like the Napa trip and the Lake Geneva triathlon, where she encouraged quite a few people to become first-time triathletes.

Tanya Quint is always enthusiastic and always killing it. She has inspired and supported many individuals over the years and has had a sense of humor through it all. She finds a way to make fitness a priority while being a working professional, a great mom, a supportive wife, an incredible friend and a generous volunteer. Some might expect Tanya to get this honor as she is always in the front row but… she is always in the front row.

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