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How were you introduced to Woodall Training?

I heard about Woodall Training from a friend in a spinning class who had just finished a boot camp. She spoke highly of it and shared that there was a lot of focus on core strength. At the time, I was coming back from an injury to my hip flexor and had about zero core strength. I was really frustrated that I couldn’t go for a bike ride or a run without experiencing a lot of pain afterwards. In general, I was feeling really discouraged about my fitness after making many attempts to get back on track. So, I thought Woodall Training’s focus on core might be just what I needed, and I was ready to try something different. When I first started in boot camp, I could barely do any toes in exercises and had to use a lot of modifications. I really appreciate how Woodall Training offers options for people at all fitness levels and how the TRX Suspension Trainers allow you to individualize each exercise for your needs.  I think that’s very unique to Woodall Training and was key to my success. Over the past two years of attending classes, I’m happy to say that I’ve become much stronger and have been able to return to being more active without experiencing pain.

When you joined, you made it a family event. Can you explain?

When I was thinking about signing up for boot camp, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into or who I could convince to do it with me, so I asked my mom. I knew I could get her to try it with me. We survived boot camp – barely – and afterwards, she decided that my dad needed to do it too. In my family, if it’s good for one of us, it’s good for all of us! After completing another round of boot camp, we’ve been attending classes together twice a week ever since. When I started with Woodall Training, I thought it would be only be in the short term. Ultimately, I’ve decided that there are few things more important than investing in my health, and I feel really good about the success I’ve had here. My parents have also done a great job, and I hope be as active as they are when I’m their age. When my sister’s family moved back into the area, she and her husband started training here as well. It’s definitely become a family thing.

Do you think it changed the dynamics of your relationship with your parents?

Attending classes together has helped my parents and I prioritize our health and fitness and keep each other accountable. Knowing that my parents are going to be at class motivates me to make it there and vice versa. There have been many Saturday mornings when I would have much rather slept in than get up early to go to class. Afterwards, we often head to breakfast to debrief on the crazy workout Kari or Kristien put us through and catch up with each other.

What is your biggest challenge in the classes?

Anything toes in! I used to be the worst at any of those. They’re still a challenge, especially pike-ups and push-ups.

What is your favorite Woodall Training class?

I’ve been attending Climb regularly since finishing boot camp. I like that the class is very approachable and is a great full body strength workout. I’ve also started going to HIIT and like being able to get in some really effective cardio as well as strength. Attending classes three days a week has really helped me make strength and cardio gains.

What motivates you to be fit and healthy?

Lots of reasons, I guess. Growing up, being active was always important in my family. As an adult, I’ve learned that I feel better physically and mentally when I exercise regularly, and it is a great stress management tool for me. After my dad won the battle against cancer a few years ago, my family has become very conscious of how we can positively impact our health with lifestyle choices and how a lot of factors are within our control. I’ve learned how to better fuel my body by reading a lot about nutrition and seeing friends and family make some inspiring changes. With those changes, I’ve noticed that I’m able to perform better in class and challenge myself more. And, the desire to be fit and healthy is kind of contagious at Woodall Training. Great examples are all around you. When you see everyone else in class working hard to challenge themselves and get stronger, you don’t want to be left behind!

In 3 words describe Woodall Training. 

Motivating, Innovative, and Hard!

In 2 words describe how you feel during a Woodall Training class.

Focused and Challenged

In 1 word describe how you feel when you leave a Woodall Training class.





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