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Gratis: The quality of an action where the action is willingly provided without any requirement by the provider for compensation or monetary remuneration.

Enter Jim.

Jim, Jimmy, JimmAY, Ripped Jimmy…he’s called all of them, will acknowledge a few, give you the stink eye for others, and always a bit of sarcasm to top it off.  Under the layers (and layers) of sarcasm, Jimmy is a silent-but-deadly player.  He’s fiercly competitive…but only with himself.  He. Gets. It. Done.  And he rocks it.  More importantly, on top of his physical work ethic and aptly dubbed Ripped Jimmy prowess, he’s become a very valuable spoke in the Woodall Training wheel for his generosity and care.  Jimmy graces us with his knowledge of biomechanics (he’s a physical therapist) and is the first one to help anyone and everyone, and expects nothing in return.  Well, almost nothing.  Gratis Exception: He’s not known to turn down a cerveza at the Free House. Congrats, Jim, on some well-deserved recognition!  Read on for his interview:

How were you introduced to Woodall Training?

Someone I knew was teaching a TRX class I was taking at a local health club. I had been going there for about a month or two and she suggested that if I wanted to challenge myself further I should go to one of Kari’s Saturday morning classes.  I did and got my ass kicked, which was awesome. It reminded me of some of the hard workouts I did many, many years ago playing sports.   Turns out that was something I really missed.  The intensity, great atmosphere, and dedication of the people who train there–as well as instruct the classes–keeps me coming back.  Not many people want to kick their own ass doing a solo workout, myself included.   Much easier if someone is “encouraging” you (if that’s how you want to phrase it).

How has your participation with Woodall Training impacted other areas of your life

I have three answers to this question.

1) I’ve met some great people which have become good friends of mine.  You can never have too many of those.

2) Something many people probably don’t know about me is that I struggle with depression.  I was actually rebounding from a pretty bad one when I started coming to the fire station.  Life is challenging during those times.   For me, there was/is something therapeutic about going to a class where the challenge is to finish the class.  It’s pretty hard to think about anything else when you’re dangling from a strap trying to stop shaking from fatigue.   Finishing a difficult workout breeds a toughness that helps me through those difficult periods.

3) As a physical therapist I have been able to incorporate some of the TRX movements and training styles with many of the patients I treat.  I actually have a patient who has had both of his legs amputated and is using the TRX Rip Trainer – which he loves.   Some of the other therapists I work with use the TRX’s with their patients as well.  The drop that created that ripple definitely started at Woodall Training.

Do you have a favorite Woodall class or favorite TRX/RIP move’?

My favorite TRX Suspension Trainer move would be the atomic push-up.

Favorite class, anything were I feel like I would not be able, or want to continue exercising by the time the class ends.  That typically happens at HIIT, RIPMIX (Circuit) and the TRX-BOSU Circuit.

What else challenges you significantly, and why?

I would have to say the f**** tower.  Not sure why, but l like the challenge of running up and down that damn thing.

Has there been a health or fitness obstacle or goal that you have conquered?

I think completing Tough Mudder was a health obstacle.  I had had my ACL reconstructed 2 years before that and wasn’t really sure if my leg would hold up to the different styles of obstacles and challenges.  While I still didn’t know the day of the event, I had no doubt about my overall physical and mental readiness.  The training we did as a group for that first year was some of the most fun and challenging I have had in a group/team sport.

What’s one of your favorite songs to listen to while you’re working out?

Highway to Hell by AC/DC, although I don’t believe that has ever been played in my presence.


What’s one of your least favorite songs to listen to while working out?

Anything that Lady Gaga sings… which is pretty much every class

Is there a song that you think should be added or removed from the Woodall workout library of songs?

Yes, see two questions up.


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