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When I reflect upon the Woodall Community, I feel very fortunate to have this upbeat couple in the mix.  See, they are glue.  No, they are super glue.  They aren’t lucky to have Woodall Training, we are lucky to have them.  Whether attending class solo or as a couple, they affect everyone around them with their pearly whites and effervescent energy.  You can’t help but smile while watching them exercise because you can see they truly enjoy it.  Yes, occasionally, poor Todd is the butt of a joke or two.  On the outside, he  laughs and smiles (which leads me to believe he enjoys getting picked on), while he is actually cursing me on the inside.  Squat without bending forward? Huh?  SandBell Wood Chops in a ‘cylinder?’ Crazy!  Rip Samurai Strike?  HE NAILS IT!  Both Todd and Julie keep things real and keep the group grounded.  They add humor to difficult training situations (read: Burpees, Towers and Atomic Push-ups) and WE NEED THEM.  Turns out they’ve got experience holding down the fort and keeping a positive spin on life.  They’ve raised two wonderful children and I’m even more excited when they grace our presence!  It’s fun with the whole family, and I’m proud to be part of theirs.

How were you introduced to Woodall Training?

A friend of ours told us about classes he was taking at the Middleton Fire Department. He said he was in the best shape of his life after 12 weeks and he really looked great. So, Todd started coming to class with him about two years ago, and Julie joined the next session. We found the classes to be challenging, collegial and fun. The fact that improvement is measurable in a short amount of time was encouraging too.

Sometimes couples enjoy attending classes together and sometimes they don’t.  Do you two feel one way or the other? 

This seems like there is only one politically correct answer, so “yes” I (Todd) and “yes” I (Julie) like going to class together, though generally we only make one class per week together. We are able to have some shared experiences and then do our own thing too. Todd’s schedule is more adaptable so he is able to attend more classes. This gives him opportunities to complain about how hard it is and his exaggerations can go unchallenged. Clearly, not all of the stories are exaggerations.  (Sometimes Kari really does love those towers.) On occasion, Julie attends the class right after Todd, and his place can be clearly identified by the puddle of sweat on the floor. Thankfully, Todd does not attend class after Julie to comment on whether or not the opposite is true.

Is there a piece of equipment that you despise working with and why?

Todd: Despise may be a little harsh, but I do not like the sand bells, I feel like I’m always in the wrong position and using my back too much.  Kari wood probably say that’s true for all the equipment I use.

Julie: My knees hate the Bosu. But forget the equipment: I unequivocally hate burpies.

Have you both always been physically active?

Both of us have always been physically active in some form.

Todd: I love to be outside.  I used to run now I jog twice a week, and play basketball on Sunday nights. I feel like I need to exercise every day so that I am exhausted at night, so my brain stops working and then I can sleep. I also play on a couple of softball teams in the summer and play sand volleyball.

Julie: I ran for a long time and loved that for exercise.  It was quick, rigorous and easy to do with friends.  In fact, Todd and I ran together for a quite a few years. Then I started having persistent pain in my hip and my feet.  I rehabbed several times to get back to running. Then, I went to visit my parents in Arizona and I saw so many people limping around that I decided something lower impact was in order. My mother is very affected by arthritis and is not very active as a result. I don’t want that to be me. I am trying to find a balance for long-term health and activity.

Both of us belong to a health club as well as going to class, but it is so easy to get into a rut and not grow or improve.  The Woodall Training classes take care of that problem by coming up with all sorts of interesting exercises to challenge the status quo.

You both seem to enjoy being active in the community.  Are there any specific events that are more of a priority to you and if so, is there a reason why?

Events that benefit youth are important to us both.

Todd: I coached Sam in youth football for 5 years and Hannah in basketball for 2 years. I missed coaching so I decided to go back to 4th grade football a few years ago.  I coach youth Football in Verona, I love watching the boys work hard and improve each week while having fun every practice.

Julie: When our children were younger, we were the parents who volunteered for things and worked school events and served on committees. These days my time donation to the community generally centers around my job as the Learning Coordinator at Jefferson Middle School in Madison. I often spend my evenings volunteering for events that benefit students and families.

 Between the two of you…

who could do a tower the fastest?  Todd definitely. Julie concurs.

who could do the most burpies in a minute?  We both hate burpies, but Julie hates them more so Todd wins.

who gets the lowest in their squats?   Julie wins. Does Todd actually even bend his knees?

who has the best workout gear? This is actually a tough question since neither of us cares too much about workout fashion. However, Todd has been known to show up to class with some truly questionable color combinations. You have to work hard at making your basketball shorts conflict with your T-shirt. Julie has the upper hand here.

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