We have something very special with BLAZE and something we’re all very proud to have created together: a community. Our community is a wheel, where each person a spoke, unique and vital to the wheel’s turning. Our wheel tackles difficult terrain, steep ascents, obstacles and unexpected challenges. As a community, our spokes hold strong when we climb, when we reach the peak, and when we come thundering down. Our wheel never stops turning. Yes, we’re TRX-Addicts, but we’re so much more. We’re supporters, coaches, motivators, jokers, yellers, sweaters, mudders, rippers, climbers, crawlers, trucker-mouths, 6 AM lovers, 6 AM haters, one-uppers, WTF-ers, and above all, teammates. Each spoke trains and ticks a bit differently, which is why our wheel works.

You’ll find that we stand a little taller, walk a little smoother, squat a little deeper, react a little quicker, jump a little higher, push a little harder, strike a little snappier, and pull like an elite swimmer on a Suspension Trainer. We love a good hard challenge … and yes, we admit that we like to win.

Our training is for life. That’s how our wheel rolls.