The BLAZE STUDIO is an inviting, organic functional training space on our main level. The studio fuses elements of history and nature, with distinct nods to the building's 1901 roots and to a love of the great outdoors.

BLAZE also has deep roots in TRX training, which is a staple modality in our functional movement studio and in our classes.

We pride ourselves on offering expert coaching, programming and science-based training. But what we’re really good at is working with people. Everybody and EVERY >> BODY is welcome at BLAZE, which is why you’ll find special class offerings for teens (SPARKS) and seniors (SMOLDERS).






TRX classes are where we shine at BLAZE. The TRX Suspension Trainer is the strong foundation from which all other classes evolved. FUEL is a sweat-filled, full-body movement experience. Each 50-minute class combines strength & cardio exercises with an underlying focus on posture and core integration.



PEAK is our most popular class at BLAZE, and our signature TRX experience. This expertly coached and programmed 60-minute class always has a kick-ass playlist, and occasionally has kick-ass, new moves. It all depends upon how creative the programmer is feeling, which is directly related to coffee intake.

PEAK is programmed to hit a "peak" performance level that is challenging yet attainable, and we often hit a "peak" exercise set in our traditional pyramid format. If you're a TRX fan, don't miss this class!



SPARKS is our 45-minute Teen TRX class. No prior TRX experience is required, and ALL SPARKS who are willing to try this creative, FUNctional movement class are welcome! The more bright lights in the room, the more we BLAZE forward together. SPARKS classes are specifically designed to focus on positive body-awareness, self-confidence, posture, stability, mobility, and strength. The main goal is to keep teens active and happy, and that's all that really matters.



BUILD is our signature strength circuit at BLAZE where we crank up the music and you move at your own pace. Each class is expertly programmed with elements of mobility, stability, and strength. You'll never do the same circuit twice, as the movements and training modalities change weekly. BUILD incorporates FUNctional tools such as the TRX, YBELLS, Sandbags, Battling Ropes, and Resistance Bands to leave you strong, sweaty, and spent!


Training and life are more fun when you integrate playful, athletic movement into your week! Our Saturday classes moved outside during COVID, and we happily found ourselves on a basketball court at a local playground and park. We keep the "playground feel" in our indoor circuits. Movement doesn't need to be so serious and scripted to be useful in our training programs. PLAY infuses agility ladders, resistance bands, battling ropes, slam balls, and anything else you can conjure up that might be fun. We trap shoot with minbands and play duck duck squat in the snow. We'll be outside the 1st Saturday of each month, and in the BLAZE Studio each Saturday after. But always come prepared for an outdoor "play" station!



BEAT is a high intensity bodyweight & bells class. This challenging class is expertly programmed to leave you energized & sweaty, yet ready to come back the next day to train. Each class blends heart-pumping music, mobility, strength, and cardiovascular training to give you a fun AND purposeful training experience


Bring your energy and get your sweat on in our morning Cardio-Core Interval Training class. We mix and match modalities differently each week, so get ready for bodyweight, BOSU, and TRX intervals!


PULSE is an energizing endurance class using bands, bodyweight, and even the BOSU. Each week is a new arrangement of challenging yet purposeful exercises, so you'll never do the same class twice! PULSE is a heart-pounding experience for your body and mind!


The BLAZE Community began with just three clients as an outdoor boot camp at a local park. We grew, and for over a decade, we trained in a beautiful space at our local fire station. When COVID shifted the world, we shifted too, and once again, we found ourselves training outside. For 19 months, we trained in intense heat, rain, wind, ice and snow. And we grew even stronger together. We are so fortunate to not only have a beautiful new studio, but to still have each other. We are blazing ahead in a new direction and still growing stronger.