Much like the ferocity and fearlessness of a blazing wildfire, our community breathes and moves together with the same unbridled energy.

And while we are all coached to move with the same precision and purpose, the goal is not to assimilate into one predetermined mold. We build self-awareness, self-confidence and individuality while growing together.

The world doesn’t need you in a better clothing size. It needs you to feel your best. The way we facilitate this is through movement. Our coaching, classes, and community help you burn free of expectations and blaze your own path. It’s really that simple. Come see us and find your BLAZE.

BLAZE Studio

The BLAZE STUDIO is an inviting, organic functional training space on our main level. The studio fuses elements of history and nature, with distinct nods to the building's 1901 roots and to a love of the great outdoors.

BLAZE also has deep roots in TRX training, which is a staple modality in our functional movement studio and in our classes.

We pride ourselves on offering expert coaching, programming and science-based training. But what we’re really good at is working with people. Everybody and EVERY >> BODY is welcome at BLAZE, which is why you’ll find special class offerings for teens (SPARKS) and seniors (SMOLDERS).



We offer functional movement classes and yoga for ages 13 & up.





The upper level of BLAZE is home to our bright, airy and intimate BREATHE STUDIO. Most of our yoga and movement flow classes are held in this serene space.

The 1930’s maple hardwood floors were thoughtfully refinished to respect the building’s heritage and to bring warmth into the minimalist space. An array of windows frames the treetop views, which invites you to relax and flow with nature.



We offer functional movement classes and yoga for ages 13 & up.




I love movement and music, and I feel the most alive in my body, mind and spirit when I combine them. So my business is quite simple: I help other people feel good through movement. I was fortunate as a collegiate athlete to swim on several US National Teams, but those experiences pale in comparison to watching other people get stronger, healthier, and more confident. It is magical when a community gathers to move and breathe together, and each class I teach is a special opportunity to foster this amazing connection. Coaching is not a job to me, it’s my mission in life. If each person who enters my studio feels just a little bit better about their body, mind, or spirit upon leaving, then BLAZE is growing people in the right direction.


If you love the heat and avoid the cold at all costs like I do, you’ll definitely enjoy my PULSE classes at BLAZE. I am proud to say that I’ve been an instructor at BLAZE for over 10 years! The people in my classes work so hard each week, and they motivate me to bring my best self to every class. I really enjoy creating new exercises to keep my workouts fresh, and to keep them motivated, fit, and entertained. When I’m not coaching at BLAZE, you will most likely find me cheering on my kids or spending time with my family and dogs at our cabin.


I'm a mother of three and teacher at heart. As a trauma-informed yoga teacher and somatic coach, I believe we are inherently whole, human and holy. I enjoy the practice of breath, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga as a means to embody our own inherent wholeness. I also believe these practices are resources of love, safety, acceptance, compassion, and belonging. When I’m not on my mat, I love to read, dance, and be out in nature.


I’m a lover of nature, movement, art and poetry, and I’ve always been drawn to earth-based spirituality. Movement brings me closest to Spirit, which is what led me to yoga and Ayurveda in my teens. In my practice, I marry the work of the body with the work of the soul: working in, while workout out. I find balance when I use intelligent sequencing and unique movement patterns to honor the natural rhythms within us, and around us. I have a degree in Exercise Science and have worked in health & wellness for over 20 years.



I found yoga as a means to study the body and its functional anatomy while I was working on a graduate degree in Exercise Physiology at UW Madison. It quickly eclipsed that purpose and became a healing modality for my many aches and pains from rowing for a decade. Better yet, it offered me a clarity between my ears that snuck up on me. I go to my mat now because it helps me practice the way I want to BE when I'm off of it; present, patient, strong, kind, content and grateful.


I grew up dancing ballet, and found yoga after many injuries and mental health struggles related to dancing. Yoga was a wonderful outlet for me, and I fell in love with it. As a result, I paused my dance career to travel to India to get my yoga teacher certification. I was mesmerized and completely immersed in the culture. I took many workshops in South East Asia where I was also able to also travel and teach. Now, I enjoy sharing my experiences and knowledge with my fellow dancers and athletes.